Lawrence Toh

Associate Group Director

Why I join Huttons DPremium Division
At Huttons DPremium Division, this is the place whereby I have seen that our team has aspired to build a division where ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Working together as a team, we bring great ideas to life and achieve exceptional results beyond our individual capabilities.

DPremium offer me the prestige and pride of working in a truly Professional Real Estate Sales Person, the excitement of a fast-paced and dynamic industry, as well as abundant opportunities to learn and grow. Begin my journey with DPremium Division to embark on a challenging and meaningful career.

In Dpremium , you will never be walking alone , all teammates provide 24/7 assistance if u seek any help in real estate matters.

Why I love what I do
I love to make money as I am a businessman. I am a transformation expert and a thought innovator. I love what I do because, on any given day or year, I witness miracles. My work is always interesting, fulfilling, thought provoking, engaging, satisfying and at times awe inspiring. But in miracle moments I see clearly the profound value of what I do.

Anyone can change his or her lot in life. It does not matter what hand you were dealt. It starts with being brave enough to believe you can have what you want. There are a zillion limiting beliefs we are taught in this life that get in the way of having happy, fulfilled, fully self-expressed, well lived lives…and each one can be unlearned. And that is an amazing fact.

My career path
When I was 21yrs old , I met a fengshui master and you told me that my income could come from property . At that moment , I was thinking ‘WOW’ could it be make money by selling my future property! After working several years in Big MNC , I still remember that the master told me that I could make money in Real Estate ( Zero Knowledge on Property) therefore I make a decision to come into real estate in Year 2007 , I still remember it was 1 April 2007. When I first stepped in , I saw colleague agents earning 6 digits figure a month then I was surprised whether this is real or “ just blowing his own trumpet” until i myself achieved it ,I took the leap and have never looked back ever since.

A day at work
In a typical day, I interact with clients, thinking of new ways to assist my agents to make more money , going around new development showflats to learn more closing strategies . Not foregetting to meet up with my agents to have a meeting with them. Everyone was happily chit chatting about their closing sales !

Being a Team Leader to me…
A leader means that you have the perfect amount of respect for other people and yourself, the right amount of strength to handle what you need to, the right amount of drive and determination, and so on. You also need to be able to make decisions in a split second. Furthermore, a leader needs to be someone that cares about the people and what they want and someone who is not selfish but generous

A team leader is someone who provides guidance, instruction, direction, leadership to a group of other individuals for the purpose of achieving a key result. The team-leader monitors the quantitative and qualitative result that is to be achieved. The leader works with the team membership.

A good team lead will coach, direct, support or delegate as is appropriate, the individual members in order that they are best enabled to deliver the necessary results.

What I love outside of work
I often go swimming as it is quite relaxing. Furthermore ,I often do charity work too. Charity is one of the lessons we can give ourselves in humility. To be on the receiving end of charity is also an amazing experience, to know that there are people who do not look down on you and want to help. To me Charity is one of the core parts of any community because it is the link between the 'higher' people and the 'lower' people and recognizing them as being of equal value as human beings. Without charity you can not have community because everyone is only looking to benefit themselves.