Dawn Kwee

Associate Group Director

Why I join Huttons DPremium Division
I feel that it is not only Desmond Ng Division that I am with, but also the extra good support we all received from our parent Divisions, both Mary Tan and Kevin Geow. All mentors support and guide us selflessly. This is the sharing culture which truly made us different from the rest.

Why I love what I do
I enjoy doing sales and customer service. I started with retail sales a few years back and I have even won the Singapore Best Manager Award in the retail sector. However, there was a limit to which being employed can get me to and I wanted to try something different yet rewarding. I took the leap and got into real estate and I have never looked back since, being in real estate allows me to meet many home owners and investors, this has also brought my sales techniques to a whole new level. At this moment, I do not think I am working now, I am enjoying my day to day activities in meeting people and showing beautiful homes.

My career path
It all started only with my personal sales as a real estate agent. However, now… I looked upon myself as a businessman, managing both clients’ property portfolio and assisting in the investment needs of all my customers. Being in real estate not only allows me to focus on helping my clients achieving the home of their dream, it also enables me to build a cohesive team and have a passive income. I have never dreamt of venturing into a business of my own as I always regard myself as a low risk-taker. Well… now it all becomes a reality. Be a businessman and empowering others to do the same too.

A day at work
I spend majority part of my day in different showflats. I believe many have known of Huttons as an agency which markets the most new developments in Singapore. The next time you see a showflat marketed by Huttons, do pop by and perhaps you will see me there!

Being a Team Leader to me…
I believe a leader should always have the mental discipline to constantly move forward with your people. Stay positive and able to keep the morale of teammates high, in both good and challenging time.

What I love outside of work
I love travelling. That is one thing I can truly do at my free will now, to travel as and when I am able to. Real Estate is a rewarding career which allows me to do so. In addition, Huttons allows me to market international new developments, namely Bangkok, Philippines, Australia, London and to name a few. There is an abundance of travelling opportunities.