Chloe Chang

Senior Associate Director

Why I join Huttons DPremium Division
Joining Huttons DPremium Division is definitely the best decision that I have made in my career and life. This division has all that I wanted to learn from as a newbie in this real estate business.
This outstanding division is never short of trainings and activities. As a newbie, I was given valuable trainings as well as selfless sharings from top producers. An interesting approoach is on site presentation of new launches by Desmond which allows me to have an insight of how a top producer presents and scripts his presentation.
Joining DPremium allows me to grow personally - stronger faith in my beliefs and moulding of character. In DPremium, this is the place where you can embody and cultivate yourself to be a better person.

Why I love what I do
When I see my peers complaining of their salary vs long working hours, I am thankful that I chose this business. I am being rewarded for what I truly deserve and am the envy of many. I get to see beautiful properties and interact with people which never make my work mundane. In short, everyday is a different day! The most rewarding part of my business is being appreciated by my customers who recommend their friends to me. This makes me enjoy my work more!

My career path
I pursued my double degree whilst having a part time career in the financial sector. After completion of studies and looking at the salary range of my peers, I know I want to earn an income a notch above the rest and determined to step into the self-employed career path. I narrowed my industry sector to car, property or insurance and reasoned that property is the way to go, as everyone needs at least a decent roof above their heads! With my determination and mindset to succeed, I embarked on this business!

A day at work
A day at work consists of making appointments with clients to analyze their portfolios, scheduling appointments for rental/resale/new launch viewings, mentoring my team, doing recruitment or conducting activities for my team to hype for new project launches together!

Being a Team Leader to me…
This marks the first milestone in my career as I am given the opportunity to lead. And, I believe in helping everyone in my Team to achieve their target of financial freedom. I learnt and need to think, visualize and act before or with my Team. To allow every individual to grow exponentially, discipline and focus is fostered and administered in my Team. This pushes me to be on a quest to constantly upgrade myself in terms of knowledge, skillset and assist them in their career. Lastly, I am happy for my Team when they have done a breakthrough in their career and we celebrate success together!

What I love outside of work
I love baking, cooking, reading and music. When I bake or cook, I send pastry or food delights to my family, friends, colleagues and even customers! I remembered during my first year of this business, I baked cookies for Chinese New Year and sent them alongside with CNY goodies to my customers. All of them were very touched because that was a very personal touch. Three years into the business and they still asked about my CNY cookies!